Lifx (Ambilight) Addon for Kodi

A Kodi add-on that controls Lifx lights. In Theater mode the add-on dims the Lifx lights as soon as a movie starts playing, and turns the lights back to original settings once the movie is done. Ambilight mode turns your Lifx lights in a room-sized Ambilight.

Ambilight creates light effects around the television that correspond to the video content. Philips claims that a "more immersive viewing experience" can result. Ambilight is a lighting system that actively adjusts both brightness and color based upon picture content. Integrated into the television cabinet, Ambilight technology is aimed to enable the viewer to see more picture detail, contrast and color while eliminating on-screen reflections.

Ambilight technology works by projecting light from the rear of the TV cabinet in a very wide range of colors, shades and intensities. Viewers can choose to have Ambilight follow the color and brightness of the programme content – automatically changing with the colors on the screen



Kodi + Lifx + Ambilight + Movie (LOTR) Test

Kodi + Lifx + Ambilight + Movie (LOTR) Test

Kodi (XBMC) + Lifx + Ambilight + Video Test

Kodi (XBMC) + Lifx + Ambilight + Video Test

Other Ambient Lighting Demo

Kodi Philips hue Ambilight mode Kodi und Hue Philips Hue Kodi Ambilight Color Demo using two Hue Blooms - 4k Kodi + Philips hue Kodi with Hue ambilight


Addon Information

Addon Information

Addon Settings

Addon Settings - Main Addon Settings - Theater - 1 Addon Settings - Theater - 2 Addon Settings - Ambilight - 1 Addon Settings - Ambilight - 2 Addon Settings - Advance



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